Sunday, February 10, 2008

What I did today..

Well my day started off actually late last night with the great news that I was not going to have to purchase a new foot pedal for my Brother 1500. I found it next to the couch when I went to retrieve my other machine to set it up for machine quilting on a rag quilt that I was going to make for a dear friend. I pulled the machine out and low and behold I had not one, but two pedals. One just happened to be the pedal for the Brother ( Things like that happen in my house LOL)

Anyway, I have started the rag quilt. It is all in autumn colors and one of the flannels has a really great leaf pattern in it that ties the whole thing together. This is another UFO that has been sitting here for far too long. I am glad to be finally getting it done. The other thing is that I now have a quilt loaded on my Brother and ready to quilt!! I am so excited , I am about sick to my stomach LOL. Nerves are not my friend.. Tee Hee.

So here are the pics. I will be working on the rag quilt tonite and hope to make some headway and the quilt on the machine will wait for another day or so til I get some knitting done. ( promise to myself). Enjoy and as always comments are welcome.. JoyB

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