Saturday, March 29, 2008

I am 43 !!!

Ok here is my birthday story. Jason and I went into Portland and straight to the Naked Sheep. The owner was there and was just the sweetest gal. I found 4 skeins of some italian wool and microfiber blend in blues with black and grey. Just gorgeous. then I signed up for the Oregon Tote class which is a felted striped tote with an i cord handle and I am going to class for 3 wednesdays. The owner asked if I wanted to order my supplies for the class while I was there as they give a 10% discount for class supplies but I got 15% because it was my birthday !! So I got 6 skeins of Cascades 220 woo,l 2 in vibrant pink, 2 in a rich yellow and 2 in a very easter green. I also got the DPNs and the circulars I will need as well as the pattern.I got all 3 of the bumper stickers posted on my blog !!!! And I got a free one that will win me free yarn if I ever get spotted in Portland with it on my bumper ( hey it is cute anyway).I got two really cute pins and a purple yarn bag that has pockets for needles and supplies and has the Naked Sheep logo on it. YEs I am spoiled!! LOLthen we were headed for Twisted when the traffic got bad and I realized I was on the wrong end of Broadway so I chose to make that a destination for some other day and we headed to Beaverton but went thru Tigard. As we got to the off ramp, my dd, Sara called and I asked where she was and she and my DGS, Jacob were in Tigard!! So we met up at the Dollar store and Jacob was so happy to see his grandma. I bought him some toys LOl And he picked out a card for me ( i held him up to the appropriate section and he grabbed one LOl)Then I invited Sara to meet us after her shower for dinner. We went to find a movie to give them time to get ready and didn't find a single one that we wanted to see so we went to Tuesday Morning looking for the bamboo needle sets and they were not there ..Oh well. We decided to head to Benihana's and sit at the bar and have a couple drinks til Sara and Jacob arrived. I took in some of my knitting and got rave reviews from everyone in the bar and people who had to poke their heads in to see what I was working on LOL.well three vodka matini's with double olives later, Sara had arrived and we were seated at a table. I had steak and lobster and a second soup as mine was inhaled by Jacob.. and smoothies for the rest of the meal so I was prepared (and sober) for the drive home. Don't ask about Jason. He doesn't drink and was trying to keep up with me LOL. No driving for Jason LOL. I will post the Benehana's birthday pic on my blog so you all can see what I mean LOL.Oh I just looked at it myself and went threw a round of serious giggles. will scan it and get it there so you can giggle too. The other 2 couples at the end of our table were together and younger folks and they did not know what to make of us !! Everyone sang happy birthday to me and I blew a candle out of the belly of a fat man LOL OK it was a buddha but I am not into that stuff soo.....Jason and I talked about spending the night at the Embassy Suites but I decided that I had already spent more than enough for my birthday so we went home. I had a house full of the girls friends here who sang happy birthday to me and gave me a slice of pizza with another candle in it. It was an amazing birthday. I am still recovering Tee Hee Hee. Jason cleared out the entire house so I could have some quiet and I need it. Thank you to everyone who sent cards and wishes for a happy birthday . it was truly one of the best days of my life. Hugs JoyB

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quilt Block Completed

Well I woke up to snow and my day just got worse from there. I looked at my sock and realized I am going to have to tear it out as somehow I got the knitting reversed and even though it looks kewl.. I have no idea how I did it so I could not replicate it on the second sock AARRGGHH!!

So I decided to sit down and do Pat's BOM for March and I love how it turned out. Here is the pic.. JoyB

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yarn for Mystic Light KAL

Woo Hoo I was so happy to see that my yarn had come today for the Mystic Lights Shawl KAL.It is 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepard Socks In Flame colorway and it is GORGEOUS!! Then I realized that even the Knit A Long started today and the yarn just got here. I do not have a size 7 -40" bamboo circular needle to cast this onto. I am so bummed. So of course I got online and found one in Spokane, Washington and ordered it with priority shipping..

So I am gonna sit here and wind my skeins into balls and find some other yarn to do my provisional cast on that contrasts well with this one and then I am gonna................................................WAIT FOR THE MAIL!!!

Ok back to my socks LOL JoyB

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sock progress

You guys are gonna get tired of my sock posts but I am going to do them anyway LOL. Here is the progress I have made on my socks in the last 24 hours. JoyB

Holy Cow!!!! I am making socks!!

Ok I promised myself that I would start on my very first socks tonite before midnoc and here I am at 12:01 posting a pic of my cast on. I am in love with this yarn and going to find many excuses to buy more. LOL

It is Apple Laine Apple Pie in Wild Thing ( of course LOL). The pattern is Just ribbing and it was free on the net. It looked fairly simple and that is my middle name ( ok it is really Sharyn but... )

Here is my cast on for my very first absolutely paranoid attempt at making socks.. Hope you like my pic. More to follow as my sock progresses. JoyB

Monday, March 24, 2008

Knitting Widow

Jason says he is feeling a bit neglected and I think he may be right, so I offered to play a game with him and then got on my computer to check email. When I got back this is the hint I found ROFLMAO!! I had to share. JoyB

This just in ~~~ LOL

I just returned from my trip to see my son, Michael, in the travel trailer and I had started 4 dishcloths before I left so I decided to go wifi and get the last of the rows done. Well trying to count knits and purls in a 29 foot trailer with a husband and 2 rowdy girls was a nightmare but after tearing some out and redoing them, I came home and finished three of them before posting and I am now off to bed. The first is a ladybug ( very cute), the second is one done especially for Rachel's group to mark our 1 year anniversary and it says Love To Knit With My Friends ( thanks Rachel you Rock!!!) and the third was an adorable flower that looks so kewl in the carrot orange I knit it in..

The pick of Rachel's doesn't do it justice. It really looks great. Will try tomorrow when I am rested to get a better pic and then get the Easter Egg Dc done and posted as well.

Thanks to all of you who check out my blog and leave me the most heartwarming comments. I love you all... JoyB

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Little Helper~~~ NOT

I had Jacob today ( my grandson) and he decided to help grandma with her knitting ARGH!! JoyB

quilt top done..

Here is a pic of the Stashbuster Quilt I just put together today. I got the 9 Fat Quarters from a wonderful eBay seller that I have known for while online. This pattern popped up right after I received them and called for 9 FQ's. It was perfect in the muted Civil War fabrics that I got. I am sending her a pic so she can see what was done with them. Enjoy~~ JOyB

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What are you quilting today??

Today I have been knitting and felt like such a traitor LOL. I know it is National Quilting Day and I have fabric postcards to do for a swap as well as a small quilt that I have been dying to get to since I got the fabric. SO... Today I am quilting!! Woo Hoo Break out the chocolate. it is gonna be a good day!! Hugs to all, JoyB

Cause for Celebration

The guys got my new wall oven in today. Isn't it purdy? LOL

The one that came with the house gave up the ghost a few weeks ago and man did I miss having a oven. So to celebrate, I made a Hummingbird Cake YUMMO... JoyB

Friday, March 14, 2008

My afghan is getting used!!

Had to share the pic of what I just witnessed when my dd, Angel, got home from school. She says she loves the new afghan and curled up and fell asleep under it... YEA!! It is so nice to have your family appreciate what you work so hard on. JoyB

1st Afghan Finished

OK so while the guys were hanging out over here playing Risk ( Big Yawn), I got my afghan finished!! It looks awesome. I have some yarn left so I may put some more fringes on the top and bottom but I had to show you guys what it looks like. I love the deep blues and the greens. Hugs. JoyB


Ok I meant to shout. I got my very first pair of slippers done and here are the pics!! Woo Hoo My feet are happy. joyB

Lots O Pics!!

Well I finally got my camera and my memory card back and I am posting those pics I promised!! Lot of Dishcloths to show you. I got Housework Sucks done and then Roll Back the Stone,Louie the Lobster, I Love to Knit and the DW dishcloth (which is my first that is not just knit and purl stitches).. Here ya go. Tomorrow I should have both my first afghan and my first slippers to show you. How fun!!! JoyB

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

No pics today!!

Just wanted to let you know I had not fallen off the face of the earth. Jason and I went to Sand Lake with my dd, Angel, and her boyfriend, Jon and spent a few days in the trailer. It was bliss. The weather was bad the first day we were there but had cleared off and was sunny for trail riding and flipping ATV's over in the dunes.. ( inside joke and no it wasn't me LOL). Thank God no one got majorly hurt.
Anyway, I managed to finish my Housework Sucks Dc and start a scarf while we were there. I have just blocked the DC and you will get a pic as soon as I unpack the camera tomorrow. I also kept up on my latest mystery DC and it should be reveled in a day or so. MUCHO yarnage came today Woo Hoo. I have the most gorgeous Apple Laine yarn for my first pair of socks . I of course got them in the Wild Thing colorway and opted for a simple pattern where the yarn can strut it's stuff.
I also have received hand painted yarn by Dream In Color and it is so yummy. No project yet but soon. My third arrival was the skein of Opal yarn from Germany and I am making a sweater for a teddy bear. I figured it was a good way to start out. I have the patterns and yarn coming for two more bear sweaters and yes you will all get to see them soon. LOl So Off I go to work on Jacob's afghan and my scarf and I will update you with pics tomorrow. Have a great one. JoyB

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Yes It's A Pot Leaf...

Ok here is the dishcloth that I finished last night. Don't worry I have not taken up smoking pot LOL . I had told my youngest Dd, Angel, that you can find anything on a dishcloth and she challenged me to find this. SO I DID!! And then I made it up and gave it to her LOL She couldn't believe it and honestly I couldn't either. But here it is DC number 6. I am currently working on two more and I can't wait to see what our KAL is gonna look like. The other is a favorite of mine that I purchased online and LOVE... Hugs. JoyB