Wednesday, March 5, 2008

No pics today!!

Just wanted to let you know I had not fallen off the face of the earth. Jason and I went to Sand Lake with my dd, Angel, and her boyfriend, Jon and spent a few days in the trailer. It was bliss. The weather was bad the first day we were there but had cleared off and was sunny for trail riding and flipping ATV's over in the dunes.. ( inside joke and no it wasn't me LOL). Thank God no one got majorly hurt.
Anyway, I managed to finish my Housework Sucks Dc and start a scarf while we were there. I have just blocked the DC and you will get a pic as soon as I unpack the camera tomorrow. I also kept up on my latest mystery DC and it should be reveled in a day or so. MUCHO yarnage came today Woo Hoo. I have the most gorgeous Apple Laine yarn for my first pair of socks . I of course got them in the Wild Thing colorway and opted for a simple pattern where the yarn can strut it's stuff.
I also have received hand painted yarn by Dream In Color and it is so yummy. No project yet but soon. My third arrival was the skein of Opal yarn from Germany and I am making a sweater for a teddy bear. I figured it was a good way to start out. I have the patterns and yarn coming for two more bear sweaters and yes you will all get to see them soon. LOl So Off I go to work on Jacob's afghan and my scarf and I will update you with pics tomorrow. Have a great one. JoyB

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Karin said...

This dishcloth is really nice and I like your devil one. Keep on knitting and I want to see pictures of your sock.