Monday, March 24, 2008

This just in ~~~ LOL

I just returned from my trip to see my son, Michael, in the travel trailer and I had started 4 dishcloths before I left so I decided to go wifi and get the last of the rows done. Well trying to count knits and purls in a 29 foot trailer with a husband and 2 rowdy girls was a nightmare but after tearing some out and redoing them, I came home and finished three of them before posting and I am now off to bed. The first is a ladybug ( very cute), the second is one done especially for Rachel's group to mark our 1 year anniversary and it says Love To Knit With My Friends ( thanks Rachel you Rock!!!) and the third was an adorable flower that looks so kewl in the carrot orange I knit it in..

The pick of Rachel's doesn't do it justice. It really looks great. Will try tomorrow when I am rested to get a better pic and then get the Easter Egg Dc done and posted as well.

Thanks to all of you who check out my blog and leave me the most heartwarming comments. I love you all... JoyB


TheAngelForever said...

Amazing work! Love how they all turned out. You are an inspiration for working on so many things at once.

The Angel Forever

Amy the knittin fool said...

Your dishcloths are beautiful! LOVE them!

JoyB said...

Thank you so much ladies. I am really enjoying knitting all these wonderful creations. We in the knitting world are so very lucky to have such talented designers who are willing to share their designs for free. The world could learn something from that lesson. Hugs. JoyB