Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ok who said knitting was boring??? LOL

I had to post a couple more pics for you. The first is of my step daughters AKA: Chicklets, while they were watching me finish my lil demon dishcloth , the second is of the actual dishcloth and the third is proof that YES I actually am trying to stay tidy and organized before this knitting addiction takes over my entire house as my quilting has LOL Enjoy and feel free to leave comments. I love hear from you. JoyB

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Joy cloth done!!

I got the Joy dishcloth done last night but blocked it late and didn't get the pic 'til just now. I Love Love Love this dishcloth and have Alli to thank for the adorable pattern. She has tons of other amazing patterns that are simple to do and work up nicely. Her blog is post on the right side under worth a blog. Take a look.. Here is my finished cloth..JoyB ( who is up working on a cute little demon cloth that is the mascot for my new group on Yahoo. )

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ravelry.. I GOT IN!!

Ok so late last night I got my invite and I joined. I am as happy as a clam.. There is so much to do there and I have already made tons of friends. Some of the people I have found who share my love of knitting are in Salem and other areas close to me so we are meeting up to knit together. I can't wait. I evn found my older brother's ex girlfriend and she has been knitting 41 years . So if Sheldon hasn't pissed her off too much, I may be able to get her to help me walk thru some harder patterns. I am jazzed.. I sent the following pic for my Id on Ravelry LOL. Who wants to see the real me? JoyB

Monday, February 25, 2008

Too Funny

I was surfing for some yarn for a sweater I am going to make myself for my birthday and found a wonderful yarn shop in Portland. They have Stitch and Bitch nights on Thursdays and I am planning to go check it out. The name of the shop is The Naked Sheep and they have buttons bags and bumper stickers with hilarious mottos on them. I am sharing three tonite. Enjoy~~ JoyB

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dishcloth and Ravelry

Today I finished my Baked with Love dishcloth and it looks great. I started a DC called Joy LOL By Alli and I am doing this one in a wonderful shade of yellow. I love using my size 7 bamboo needles.. Anyway, here are the pics and my latest update on where I stand on my invite to Ravelry.. Hugs. JoyB

Found you!
You signed up on February 16, 2008
You are #109505 on the list.
1301 people are ahead of you in line.
5414 people are behind you in line.
94% of the list has been invited so far

An Afterthought

Thought ya all might like to see the progress I am making on Jacob's afghan. Almost done with the first ball of yarn. Just three more to go LOl JoyB

It has been a few days

Sorry I have not posted sooner but my brother decided to try to drink himself to death and the whole family is dealing with it right now. I am trying to keep my sanity by knitting my eyeballs out and doing some stuff on my Starstruck quilt. I wish I had more hours in a day. I am trying to finish a dishcloth by Rachel that is called Baked with Love and thought I would get it done to post tonite but I didn't so you will see it tomorrow after it is blocked. I did finish the one that we were doing as a Knit A Long. It is really cute and I have a pic to share, Here it is.. Hugs. JoyB

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What day is this ??? LOL

OK so today I knew I had to get something quilty done and I put the final borders on my Rant quilt . I really like the way it turned out and am looking forward to quilting this one for Sara. The day after I left the quilt shop the phone message, they called back and apologized for the shortage of fabric ( I didn't go into the directions mess) and they sent me another 5 1/2 inch strip of the larger border fabric. I have received my Feb kit and will try to see if that one is any better and I am hoping that it is as I would love to do these every month. The Feb one is called Carmels and Roses and I like the fabrics a whole lot and the pattern is really cute. If I can get thru it, I may use this pattern over and over again for myself and for gifts.

I also raised the top of my Aerogarden again today to the last setting and noticed it had blossoms on it !! I pollinated it by hand today which I am supposed to do now every other day and am looking forward to cherry tomotoes. Here are the pics. JoyB

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dishcloth done!!

So tonite I finished my very first knitting project. I did a dishcloth with a heart inside a heart. I know it isn't perfect but I just love it. Here are the pics. JoyB

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crochet ???

On one of my knitting sites, the owner posts a list of freebies every day and they include some crochet patterns as well as knitting. Usually I don't look at them as I never have crocheted a day in my life and have my hands full with all the other crafty stuff I am working on. Today I saw it was for a Spiral scrubby that sounded neat so "what the hey" I took a look. Know I am wanting to do one and I have this great blue, green, white Peaches and Creme yarn that I got last night and so I began. OK problem LOL I think I must be doing it wrong as mine looks nothing like the picture. So the SOS went out to the group and I am hoping for some help. Here are the pics so far. JoyB

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lots going on today

So now that I am free of the killer headache from yesterday and have gotten some much needed sleep. I have been working on postcards. I just need to get my machine to give me a satin stitch and I am good to go. I have both batches and the extra done for the swaps I am in and I have pattern in mind for the Batiks. My Dd, Sara Joy, and my DGS, Jacob, went and had pics done today so I am posting one to share with all of you. The other pics are of my "oh so many projects" from postcards to knitted dishclothes ( got some new yarn today !! Woo Hoo) and some really cute flat buttons for my posties. Well off to fight that machine again. LOL, JoyB

Next two projects~~ quilty

I just got a package from a gal I buy from on eBay. Lovely Civil War Era Fq's. I have nine of them so what to do? I got a link to a blog on my site that has a stashbuster quilt that will be just perfect for these!! I am really looking forward to doing this one. May have to do several if it is as easy and quick as it seems.

Next I have started on my Starstruck quilt and I have all the cutting done and am working on sewing the strips together. This one has a ton of little pieces in it but after looking at the directions,. I realized the entire quilt is strip cut and chain pieced. Should go together fast and I love the result. Annyway here are my pics for my two newest projects all over the place LOL Notice Mercy has to check out the strips as I sewed them LOL JoyB

Oh My Aching Head...

I awoke this morning with a brain splitting headache and had to visit the doctor to get something stronger than the extra strength Tylenol that was not touching my pain. He gave me Lortab 10's !! Offered me a shot of morphine but I politely declined. It took hours before I actually got relief and now I am up for the night. Puts most people to sleep but it works like speed on me LOL. This house is really gonna be clean when Jason wakes up LOL. I did get the majority of my first fabric postcard done. I am very pleased with it. Now if I could just get the danged machine to give me a satin stitch without eating my fabric LOL.

I am going to have to visit JoAnn's tomorrow during their big sale and get some fusible interfacing to reinforce the back of my project. I am in two swaps of three cards that have to be mailed out April 1st, so I better get the hang of this fast. One is Batiks' Only and the other is My Favorite Color. You know that my color is gonna be pink LOL Thanks to Marcia for being the recipient of my first card. I look forward to being on the receiving end of your first card too LOL Here are the pics. JoyB

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Part Deux LOL

Jason didn't get equal blog time and he deserves it !! Enjoy JOyB

Happy Valentine's Day

well we are off to dinner and yes I am wearing a dress ( Try not to fall over LOL). Here are the pics and I will post more after I get some crafty stuff done. JoyB

Had to sew something

As many of you know, I am an insomniac. Oh I can sleep for hours at a time but always during the day (which is why you get these silly things posted at all crazy hours of the day and night) LOL. I was up surfing some of the newer blogs I had bookmarked and I found this really cute little quilted Tea Mat. So off I go to the machine to make one. Here it is.. JoyB

Keeping My Sanity LOL

Ok so I stopped doing my toothpick knitting after my eyes got so crossed that I looked like a siamese cat !! Time to do a dishcloth that is more my level. LOL I am doing one in a pretty pink Sugar'N Cream yarn that has a heart design on it. I am stopping for the night. You can just start to see the heart design and my vision is so blurry, I am having trouble seeing the keys on the keyboard.. ARGH. So here it is. I hope to have it done tomorrow for Valentine's Day. Will post another pic then. JoyB

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knitting With Toothpicks!!

Ok I spent the day today chatting with ladies on my new knitting list and one of them has this incredible blog... I just had to visit. ALLi has been doing miniature dishclothes with embroidery floss knitted on toothpicks. I am always up for a challenge . So I started one Man Oh Man is this tiny LOl and mine is about twice the size of hers!! Here is a pic. JoyB

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Uneventful Day

Well I didn't get any sewing, quilting OR knitting done today. I did however get to spend some time with my dad and help him out with a few of his errands. Jason proceeded to clean the carpets in the rest of the downstairs and I was in the car most of the day. One of the things that I did manage to accomplish was the purchase of a new Dell laptop computer. I really like it and am excited that I will now have a computer with internet access for those long months in summer when we are on the road in the travel trailer. I would hate to miss a blog post or any one of a number of your heartfelt and sometimes comical posts. I look forward to each and every one. Here are the pics of my clean carpet ( knew you wanted to see it LOL) and my new baby laptop. I have called her Snow White and she is an Alpine White Dell. Ok off to bed. Have a good tomorrow. JoyB

If I can do this .. anybody can do this...

I am up working on my knitting projects from earlier and I am actually getting quite far with them. I am amazed at the ease with which these are coming together. Just wanted to give you some updated pics. JoyB

No sewing today!!!

Today Jason decided to clean the carpets in the room I do my sewing in so I decided that I was not going to be creativly cramped LOL And I started not one but two knitting projects. One is a afghan for myself and one is an afghan for my grandson. Jacob,. The room looks so much better now that the carpets are cleaned and the rest of the house is getting done tomorrow. Here are some pics to help you enjoy the experience LOL JoyB

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hood raised again!!!

At just shy of 6 weeks, my baby tomatoes are growing so fast that I may have more plants than I know what to do with LOL I am just hoping for a bumper crop of delicious little cherry tomatoes. I am starting to notice tiny flower buds on these. It won't be long, I will be hand pollinating them. Will keep you posted. JoyB

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Today has been an experience..

Today I worked on the rag quilt I started last night and I am about 2/3 of the way done. I am doing this in autumn colors and obviously Mercy likes this one a whole lot LOL. My poor adorable Husband tries to spend time with me, but with me being up all night, sometimes that means sleeping on the couch in the room I am working in . I do so love my precious Jason. He makes my heart melt. He says he doesn't like my kitty, Maxx but look Maxx really likes him and it is always a fight to keep him away from Jason. LOL. I think Jason is gonna have to get used to the idea that Maxx has adopted him.

I have now taken over all but the girls rooms in terms of quilting and I am going for that one too. ROFLOL. Here are the pics. I thank you so much for visiting my blog and please feel free to leave a comment. JoyB