Friday, November 20, 2009

I have found my next car!!!!

I absolutely HAVE TO HAVE this car.. JoyB

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Johnson...

This baby is just keeping me so thrilled with his charm and his antics. I had to share. Hugs. JoyB

Friday, November 6, 2009

Introducing Johnson

Since I have been back in Montana, I have gotten behind on updating my blog again and many of you have asked to see my new Min-Pin puppy, Johnson. So here he is. Such a sweetie. Hugs. JoyB

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OMG!! You know you have it bad when.. LOL

You have to watch this. Don't bother to notice that this woman highly resembles me!! LOL

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I know it is a little early

Heather has the chicklets this weekend and they had a Halloween party to go to but they had to stop here first. So I grabbed my camera and got a pic. Yes that is Heather. She had some swelling from a bad tooth and asked her mom for a new face and this is what her mom got her. THANKS MOM!! LOL

Friday, October 23, 2009

Brain Cozy pics

For those of you on KnittingKnook, you know that I just recently completed my first original hat pattern and dubbed it the Brain Cozy. I have been without a camera and unable to post a pic until just now as the Fed Ex cutie just dropped off my new camera !! YIIPPEE!! So here is my friend Rose modeling the Brain Cozy. Enjoy...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Glitter frrenzy with Martha Stewart

So Marilyn was kind enough to share a link to a video clip from the Jay Leno show in which Martha Stewart shows Jay how to glitter a personal photo. She also noted that she was not able to watch it again as it was not available in Canada so I am embeddeding it here so that hopefully you can all enjoy it. It really is hilarious and perhaps the only time you will see Martha Stewart with that "just had sex" look. LOL Enjoy.. Joy B

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Son of DRT

I have to tell you that I am sitting here chomping at the bit to start the next round of Dishrag Tag. Our team is awesome and I sure would love to win it this year. Our team leader Amanda had her husband Jeff do a logo for us so here it is. I chose the name and everyone liked it so it stuck LOL.Thank you Jeff. It rocks!! Hugs. JoyB

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hermione hat done


I just love it when someone thinks I am awesome cause I can knit. My dd, Sara Joy>

She was not here to pose for the pic so dd, Angel agreed to model it. I hope she loves it. I know I do. Hugs. JoyB

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Always late LOL

I know I have promised quite a few updates but with travel and holidays, it has been crazy. I did want to post a few pics of my grandson, Jacob's, 3rd birthday. My Dd, Sara Joy, did a great job of putting together a pirate themed party for him at a park in Wilsonville and we all had a great time. Jacob opened his kite first and I could not believe that kid could get it up in the air and actually fly it by himself. Here are a few of the pics. Hugs. JoyB

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just had to Rant

Ok I had to share my frustration with all of you. This is the first socks I have tried to use my square needles with and THEY SUCK! Don’t get me wrong, I love the way they feel but it was taking me forever to get the stitches back on the needle to work them ( I am doing Magic Loop). The connection is so rough and the cables so soft that I had to literally pull on the cable while I moved each stitch over with my thumbnail!! I was thinking "okay I can do this" and trying to find a better way but not getting any progress. The last straw was that the last round I did I went to slide the stitches over to the needle and I was barely pulling on it and the cable came off thru the stitches leaving all but four of them just hanging free )(&$##$@#))+__&^^$$@!!&(. And so on.) So I run get my Knitpicks and put those stitches on it real quick so that I don’t drop any of them and then put the last 4 still on my needle on it too. Needless to say I then had to put the remainder of the stitches on the new needle and that was a trainwreck. I got it and have done three more repeats and it is fine now and I am going so much faster but I had to tell you.. Square needles and Magic loop are cause for much cussing and several shots of Bacardi!! Thanks for letting me vent. Hugs. JoyB

Monday, June 1, 2009

Incredible Socks

I have promised my dear friend Susan that I would post a pic of the socks and the sock she made for my tiny keychain for quite a while now and I have been so busy with travels that I have not gotten to it so here at last are pics of the Monkey's she made me as part of the Spring Fling swap and also a pic of the tiny sock and keychain. I can't thank you enough Susan. You are so amazing and talented. It is an honor to have met you. Hope to see you again next year. Hugs. JoyB

Scavenger Hunt Swap

My package arrived today from Danielle and it is fantastic. Thank you so much D for the goodies and for the laughes. I will starting on those amazing socks soon. Hugs. JoyB

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Saturday night.. Those other two LOL

OK this one is for Kim in Mo... Many of you wondered what Lynne and Yvonne were doing while Kim and I were at the amazing Mexican restaurant drinking our margaritas. One guess.. Yep. They were being good. Here's the pic ( don't kill me guys, the other one was worse LOL). hugs. JoyB

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A bit of an interruption.. Spring Fling

I am just going to post a quick "cut and paste" that I sent to my IQ group about my recent trip to St Louis this last weekend. The pic is of my dear friend Kim in Missouri and I on Saturday night. Pineapple margaritas rock !!

As for me I just got back Sunday night from a 4 day retreat in St Louis. I spent thursday getting to meet three online knitting friends and we all had so much in common. One of the gals is from the other side of Missouri and the other two drove over from Wisconsin for the weekend. I took two sock classes from Wendy of WendyKnits and I can now do toe up socks and am designing my own sock pattern. She is a wonderfully funny lady with a very famous cat named Lucy who has her own fan club LOL.

Friday morning we got on a shuttle bus to the yarn shop ( Loopy Ewe) and I was so good. I only spent what I had budgeted to spend and still came home with some luscious yarn. Kim decided to get the same yarn and we are knitting the same scarf with it. It has a silver thread that runs thru it and boy is it yummy. Friday afternoon was my toe up class and we were too tired to eat much that night so we nibbled off the buffet they had set up for us. Saturday started with a free period in the morning to sit and knit ( or sleep in LOL) and then that afternoon was my second class on sock design. That night we all took Yvonne's car and went into town and walked what they call Delmar Loop. It was wonderful and everyone there was so friendly. We visited a yarn shop called Knitty Couture and I picked up a little stitch dictionary to use for my designing and then the other three had to have one as well. I think we bought them out . Lynne's son is in the seminary there and she and Yvonne had gone friday to visit him and do some sightseeing and he had suggested we go to Blueberry Hill for dinner . So we did. The food was great and so was the music.

We walked around a bit more and did some window shopping and then drove back to the hotel to knit and chat and share all our goodies. The next morning Kim and I had to get up and out early to catch the shuttle to the airport as our planes left that monring. I got to the airport and got checked in only to find they has overbooked the flight and were seeking volunteers to take a later flight out so I did just that. I got out 4 hours later and was routed thru Dallas instead of Seattle but that was fine. I got a 300 dollar travel voucher that will get Jason and I both to Vegas and back in June for our anniversary. I also got to teach several ladies how to cast on and do a knit stitch while I waited and on the last leg of my flight.

God is sooooo good. I was so anxious about flying all that way by myself and I had no need to worry. I actually enjoyed the trip and can't wait to get back on a plane and visit again.

Sorry to be so long winded. I just couldn't wait to share with all of you the blessing God shared with me on this trip. Praying that you all have similar blessings and Praise God that He loves us. Hugs. JoyB

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Texas Trip Day 1

Left McMinnville Oregon on March 21st at 4pm. First stop Vallejo California to see my dear friend Patt M who spoiled both the girls and I rotten with her creative little clay stitch markers and other nifty things. Thanks so very much Patt. I do so hope we can get together again really soon.
Jason behind the wheel, trailer parked at Vallejo Rv Park, Office of RV park ( thought I woke up in Mexico LOL),Cheyenne with her dog, Sierra waving from backseat of truck, Patt and I at her place, Patt with her lovely grand daughter ( what a sweetie) and then Jason getting drinks at the gas station and we are off on the next leg of our journey. Hugs. JoyB

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yes, they will be socks

Okay here are two pics of the Charades just before I head off to bed. My stomache is causing me fits again, ARGH!! Anybody got a spare tummy?? Hugs. JoyB

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wanna Play Charades??

Well I had to frog my Marlene's which took many tears and an entire day of grieving but I promise to get back to them soon. I love love love that pattern. In the mean time I got my "Bruised" yarn for Sarah at Perfect Day Yarns and I am so thrilled with it. I also got a skein of "I Bite" which I plan to use very soon. One of the gals on Ravelry ( LaLa) at the Loopy Ewe group mentioned that she really likes the Charade socks and I was not impressed with the yarns they used but I went ahead and cast them on in this Bruised colorway and they are fast and fantastic. Here is my update on the progress on my socks. Remember I have only cast these on in the last 24 hours and have had little time to work on them. Hugs. JoyB

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lovely cables

Okay pic time again. About a week ago I had finished doing a mystery KAl on the Knook and did mine in Fisherman's Wool Ease instead of the traditional cotton as I wanted to see what it would look like and how the yarn was to use. So. Here is a pic of my finished cable dishcloth. It is blocked and I just have to waeave the ends in which I plan to do this weekend. Also posted is a pic of the Cow Jumped Over The Moon cloth done on the Knook and designed by Kim Bullock. It was really fun to knit and I love the pattern. Thanks Kim... Hugs, JoyB

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Potato chips and sock yarn...

Well my husband is pretty easy to get along with but the one thing that he hates more than anything is crumbs in our bed. So..Darling Penny from the WhoDuKnit group had made some of these and I contacted her to see if she was willing to make some up for me. As soon as they came, I took the bag and sprinkled them on the bed. I know you see it coming LOL Yep Jason came home and started to fume about the chips and then preceeded to pick them up only to find out that they are felted and they did not come with crumbs ROFLOL>> He loved the joke and I fear he is now looking onto the depths of his mind to get even but still. They are amazing and I am so thankful to Penny for being willing to make them for me.
As payment for the chips, I offered to dye her up some sock yarn in the color of her choice and she (of course) suggested PINK!! LOL. So here are the two skeins I dyed up for her to choose from. One is a pink and grey with cream that I call Fallen in Love and the other is s lighter pink with lots more cream that I call Cotton Candy.. So Penny take your pick and let me know and I will get it right off to you. Again thank you so much and I can't wait to see what else you come up with. Hugs.JoyB

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Guess Who Got Magic Loop??

Yep thanks to Kim in Oregon, I was able to sit down and work out Magic Loop for my socks. I was really surprised how simple it was. I had really struggled with 2 socks on 2 circs and Dpn's were killing me (although I was able to get a sock knit that way). Here are the pics to prove that I am on the way to ML happiness and here is the project I am making.. I know I am crazy. That is a given LOLOL JoyB

How am I able to work in this mess ??? LOL

Don't ask me why I am posting these I just need a housekeeper LOL. Oh BTW... This is the only room in my house that looks like a bomb went off in it... Hugs. JoyB

So many projects so little time

OK so here is a run down of just a few of the projects awaiting the needles. Hugs. JoyB

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My laugh for the day ~~ LOL

You gotta take a listen to this.. Sound Familiar? Unfortunately YES!! JoyB

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I am a Porsche 911

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Making Gauntlets.

I have had so many questions about the gauntlets and the yarn I am using that I decided to post a few pics here. I love them. I am thru the ribbing and the first repeat of 10 rows of cable pattern. I am making the really long ones so I may be up all night working on them but who cares? These are fun!! Hugs. JoyB

Oh here is a link to the yarn. Don't go buying it all I want more LOL