Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finally.. Dishcloths

Ok I have been getting some knitting done with all this traveling and having fun. Here are pics of several of the cloths I have completed. Hugs, JoyB

And there is always the river

It is nice that when it gets really hot here, we have several places to put the boat in the river fairly close to home. Here are a few of the pics from our last trip. I am hoping to go again today but it may be too late. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow. Hugs. JoyB

Yet another trip to Lincoln City

After being home for two weeks, I had decided that we should get a room at Coho Inn and stay with the Chicklet's, Jon, Angel and the two of us. We had a great time. Most of our entertainment came from the pile of cars on the beach trying to pull each other out and getting more and more cars/trucks stuck in the sand outside our balcony ( wish I had pics of that) LOL I guess that is why the sign says " No vehicles beyond this point?". Just a thought !!!

The sunset from our room was spectacular... JoyB

4th of July

As some of you know, we spent two weeks at Pacific City again and took alot of pics. Here are a few for you. We had a great time with fireworks down on the beach, Jason's 30th Birthday and all of the friends and family we could round up for the festivities. Jacob seems to prefer his marshmellow on his face rather than in his mouth. He them proceeded to stick it to the oven in the trailer LOL Here ya go.. JoyB

Kitties are getting bigger!!!

Since many of you asked about the kitties. Let's get straight to that LOL .. JoyB