Sunday, November 27, 2011

How is this for an ideal club pkg...

I just got this in the mail yesterday. It is the "Chocolate Sock Pack" from Woolgirl and I am just thrilled. I can't wait to dive into the sock yarn, pattern and stitch marker. The box of chocolates is already a fatality LOL
You can sign up for all the Woolgirl offerings at Http:// They currently are offering a "Cranberry" kit that is due to ship in January so get your order in by December 20th.. You won't be disappointed..

Been soooo Busy

Well I have put off posting to my blog because I hate to blog without pics and all of my cameras seem to have disappeared into thin air since our last move. We have now moved about 5 times since we got here to Montana but are temporarily settled in Kalispell just across the HWY from Somers. I have been working anywhere between 2 and 5 jobs to try and keep our head above water and to hopefully save a bit to buy a home of our own. Life has taken a complete 180 on me and I am doing all I can just to stay afloat. Thank God for my nursing degree. I do so want to go back and complete my bachelor's with the expectation of a Nurse Practitioners license on the horizon but there is just no funding for that right now. I once again have done my job so well as to put myself out of work. My bread and butter job is a 12 hour night shift which is now 3 nights a week and I take care of an 11 month old girl who is very ill. She is scheduled to have her trach taken out tomorrow and they will no longer need a nurse. My other jobs are all very part time so I have to hit the resume trail again and score another full time position. God is good. I have no doubt He will bring me to just the right job to meet our needs.
Anyway, Jason has gotten me a new camera which I will probably not have until Christmas but at least I will be blogging more after the holidays. I have been using this time at work to knit up a storm when the baby is sleeping and I will be getting pics and posting them of all my new progress. I seem to be loving lace lately and that surprises me as I usually don't go for the little fiddely stuff. LOL Take care all of you and remember to pray for those you love.. JoyB