Friday, May 30, 2008

My next Knitting Project

Kim is a good friend in one of my knitting groups and she has mentioned that she is making a twin set and it got me to thinking I need to be working on mine as soon as the postcards are finished. I wanted to post some pics of the one I have picked out and purchased yarn for. It is from Sensual Knits by Yahaira Ferreira. The yarn I got to do it in is Knit Picks Gloss in Dolphin and I can't wait to work with it. It feels amazing!! Enjoy the pics.. Back to working on postcards. Hugs. JoyB

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time to get with the Program

So I have been involved since April in a Fabric Postcard swap and I have done nothing but struggle to get these made and out to the folks that have sent me such wonderful cards. So my plan is to now get caught up with these commitments and get the majority of cards out before I run off to Vegas on June 7th. I am posting the pics of the groups of cards I have received, as I am working on my cards for that swap and then as I mail them I will keep myself focused by posting the next two groups I need to complete. The plan is to start with the first cards due and work thru the last ones due and then start on birthday cards. I only have a few of those to do and hopefully everyone will understand that I feel horrible to be behind in these swaps and happy to receive my cards. The first two groups I am working on are " My Favorite Color" and "Batiks Only" Here are the pics of the cards I received from these two swaps. More to come. Hugs, JoyB

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Camping at Pacific City TT

I am sorry to have been absent for a bit. J and I took the travel trailer to PC and found that the only way we could guarantee a good spot ( with cable) for Memorial Day weekend was to extend our reservation so that is what we did. We have had a trailer full of family and friends and more are coming on friday.. With a 29 ft trailer and two tents, we are putting up about 14 people. Crazy I know but oh so much fun. Our days are filled with riding 4 wheelers at Sand Lake and walking the beach at Pacific City. We ate out our first night there at the Pelican Pub and brewery and their food ( and beer) is fantastic as always.
I am getting alot of knitting done even with all the kids in and out LOL.
I am also doing alot of reading. I just finished Debbie Macombers Shop On Blossom Street. it was great and I was hoping to get the next in the series but it looks like I will have to try to find it at one of the used bookstores in Lincoln City as my library does not have it .
I am reading a Lisa Scottoline book called Devil's Corner for one of my bookclubs. Just started it but it seems to be really a good read and I just checked out both books for the Naked Sheep reading group.. I will post pics when I get back. I have so many to show you, including the fish I caught ( yes I actually caught one) LOLOL. TTYS, Hugs. JoyB

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Book Stack Challenge

OK so Pat Sloan has offered a challenge to all of us on the reading group to show a pic of your reading list. LOL I am offering two pics for your consideration. There is no way I could post pics of all the piles of just current reads I have going. I would be here all day. Thanks so much Pat for the inspiration and the challenge. Hugs. JoyB

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I am gonna kick this Shawls a**!! LOL

OK so I started back on my Mystic Light Shawl last night and was up all night working on it. This morning when Jacob got up and around was a good time to put it away for a bit LOL. Not a project to work on with a almost 2 year old in tow.. So I started it and then I tore it out . then I started again and tore it out. Third time was the charm and I got it on and then I only had to take it back a few rows about 4 times LOL My stitch count was off. My mind may have been a bit foggy after about 4 Am but I wanted to work on it til I got to see the transition from the first color to the second. I got there !! Woo Hoo.

It is now two shades of green and I am about to get some blue in this one. I can't wait. Anyway, sorry for the crappy pic of myself but I am still sick. Here is Jacob and gramma and of course a pic of the shawl with Kaini EQ. Hugs. Joyb

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dishcloth finished and book mark completed!!

So I had to stay up tonite to finish something that I could actually feel good about and I had gotten a bit behind on many of my KAL's from being so sick. Here are pics of both the most recent Dishcloth KAL and the bookmark that Susan shared with the group. Hugs. JoyB

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Somebody Get Me Some Superglue!!

Oh this darned thing wants to be a sweater so bad. First I sewed the shoulders and funnelneck up, then could not get it over my head. The cast off row is too tight so I tore out the side seam and decided to sew on the sleeves first and then the sides and leave the rework of the neck castoff til last. Well of course the armholes for the sleeves are miles bigger than the sleeves themselves so I am not getting much done in the way of actually having a sweater I can wear.

I wanna pitch a fit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WWWWHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..

Anyway here is a pic of the sweater wannabe. I am going to have to break down and take it to the yarn shop and see if someone can help me figure out what is going wrong with my assembly. Hugs to you. JoyB

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bubbles Has A Girlfriend..

I am still too sick to even think about doing housework LOL But I could not sleep tonite til I got this beauty done. Here is a pic of Bubbles Girlfriend. Hugs. JoyB

Friday, May 2, 2008

What a Way to Spend a Week

OK so my last post on Monday was how I was watching my adorable grandson, Jacob who had been sick and was doing much better. Gramma on the other hand was just getting the first inkling that something may not be quite right in her own world LOL. Late monday night it all made sense when the fever and chills started, followed closely by body aches and sweats, headaches and trembling, quesiziness and well frankly alot of nasty stuff you really don't want to hear about ( Trust me I lived thru it). For what seemed like the next 4 years, I laid in bed and ordered everyone out of the war zone. I am not one who likes to be fussed over when I am sick and hate to be seen in such a sorry state by anyone I will ever have to see again. God and my cat were my constant companions as I lay there praying for God the have Mercy upon me. My cat promptly decided to jump up and lay on me . Her name is Mercy. You see where this is going. God has a sense of humor...

My only other friend was my trusty bottles of Nyquil.. Oh yes not one but two of those precious bottles of cherry flavored yuck but if I am gonna be this sick, I am gonna sleep thru as much of it as I possibly can. I was too weak to climb the stairs, knowing Jason would have to carry me back up, so I texted him ( ain't technology grand?) to get me some nyquil and he brought it to me with three bottles of gatorade. Now there is a man worth keeping!! Not to mention that he was stiff and sore from the previous days snow boarding journey with Dominic ( who I am still mad at) LOL. He has been watching Jacob ever since and not said a word about it. He is a saint. Jacob's momma was to come get him on tuesday night but them developed a high fever and I texted her ( oh grand technology again!!) and told her we had Jacob covered and to get some rest. So . She called to day to say she was doing well and will be here tomorrow and that she had a nursing friend come stay with her and hold her hand YAY!! Long story short. GET A FLU SHOT!!!!

This stuff sucks....And even though you know I am just a pic junkie on my blog, I will leave you without seeing a pic of me this last few long and horrible days LOL Hugs. JoyB