Friday, May 2, 2008

What a Way to Spend a Week

OK so my last post on Monday was how I was watching my adorable grandson, Jacob who had been sick and was doing much better. Gramma on the other hand was just getting the first inkling that something may not be quite right in her own world LOL. Late monday night it all made sense when the fever and chills started, followed closely by body aches and sweats, headaches and trembling, quesiziness and well frankly alot of nasty stuff you really don't want to hear about ( Trust me I lived thru it). For what seemed like the next 4 years, I laid in bed and ordered everyone out of the war zone. I am not one who likes to be fussed over when I am sick and hate to be seen in such a sorry state by anyone I will ever have to see again. God and my cat were my constant companions as I lay there praying for God the have Mercy upon me. My cat promptly decided to jump up and lay on me . Her name is Mercy. You see where this is going. God has a sense of humor...

My only other friend was my trusty bottles of Nyquil.. Oh yes not one but two of those precious bottles of cherry flavored yuck but if I am gonna be this sick, I am gonna sleep thru as much of it as I possibly can. I was too weak to climb the stairs, knowing Jason would have to carry me back up, so I texted him ( ain't technology grand?) to get me some nyquil and he brought it to me with three bottles of gatorade. Now there is a man worth keeping!! Not to mention that he was stiff and sore from the previous days snow boarding journey with Dominic ( who I am still mad at) LOL. He has been watching Jacob ever since and not said a word about it. He is a saint. Jacob's momma was to come get him on tuesday night but them developed a high fever and I texted her ( oh grand technology again!!) and told her we had Jacob covered and to get some rest. So . She called to day to say she was doing well and will be here tomorrow and that she had a nursing friend come stay with her and hold her hand YAY!! Long story short. GET A FLU SHOT!!!!

This stuff sucks....And even though you know I am just a pic junkie on my blog, I will leave you without seeing a pic of me this last few long and horrible days LOL Hugs. JoyB

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