Monday, April 28, 2008


OK many of you know my dear friend Susan. She is quite an enabler LOL. Today she sent a pattern to Rachel's list for a really cute bookmark and of course I could not do anything else til I had it started. I am halfway done with it and wanted to post a pic. It is done in Fleece Artist Sea Wool in the Sorbetto colorway on size 6 needles. I can't wait to finish it and may get it done when Jacob takes a nap. As some of you know he was really sick yesterday but is doing so much better today. Thanks one and all for the many prayers he received. He will be with me til tuesday night and I am thinking this gramma time is good for the both of us.. Hugs from Jacob and his lucky gramma. JoyB

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RV Quilter said...

I'm so sorry that Jacob was sick. I hope he is feeling much better and that you did not catch the bug.

Joy A.