Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A contest !!

Head on over to this amazing blog and vote for which unfinished project Nautical knitter should now finish first. The prize is something yarny and there is no long answer essays to fill out. Just vote LOL. Hugs. JoyB

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hats done in Maui

Here are the two latest versions of the Button-Tab Hat. I did these in Maui but had to wait to get back here to get the buttons. Aren't they adorable!! Enjoy... JoyB

There is almost no yarn in Maui !!!

I did manage to get to the only yarn place in Maui on my way back to the airport to return home. It is Ben Frankin's Crafts and they don't have anything that we don't have here except it is more expensive.. I did pick up 3 skeins of Cascades 220 in ocean colors and two skeins of cotton that reminded me of the islands. Now to figure out what I can knit with them. Here is the pic of the yarn. Suggestions are more than welcome. I am stuck on this one. Hugs. JoyB

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Aloha from Hawaii

Just a quick few pics to show you. We are having the best time ( minus the sunburn). Just wanted to let you share apart of our day today. Many more to come. Hugs. JoyB

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A quickie and then back to the beach LOL

Last night we ate at Bubba Gump's shrimp house and visited Front street at Lahaina. Here are pics of Bubba's and our view from our open-air dining area. Mahalo for being my friends. Hugs. JoyB

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Are Those My Feet?? YEP

Ok so we are spending our week in Maui and our accomodations are fabulous. Can you guess what we are going to be doing later today?? LOL JoyB

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's a bird, it's a plane. It's a HAT !!!

OK so ever since Jane was so kind to send me this amazing yarn and buttons in our Trick or Treat Swap, I have not been able to put this stuff down. I just finished a button tab hat with both the yarn and one of the buttons and I love it! See Jane all your hard work in picking out my wonderful gift did not go to waste. I could just thank you til the cows come home LOL. i JUST FEEL SO SPOILED. hUGS. jOYb

Notice that I cannot take the pics and model the hat so Jason was kind enough to offer. Gotta love him. JB

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Swiffer cover finished

So first thing this morning I got caught up on some rows for a KAL DC and then I finished sewing up my swiffer cover. This one is done in Cotton Ease with a ball of Purple and a ball of Lime. I found the pattern on Ravelry and she had used these same colors which I thought was so fun. So here is the pic and of course Nahnee needed equal time when she heard that Moofie and Mercy had been added to the blog yesterday . So here is my sleepy kitty. Hugs. JoyB

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ok I couldn't help myself

I know I told most of my groups that I was going to bed.. and in my defense that is where I have been but instead of sleeping, I was knitting the last days rows of this dishcloth for the KnitDishcloth group. I love how it turned out and am going to make another for a friend who is a breast cancer survivor. Both Mufasa and Mercy think I am nuts. Moofie wouldn't actually get up to tell me but I got a standing ovation from Mercy LOL. Here are the pics. Hugs. JoyB

Finally... Dishrag tag and update on Idget.

Well today I got my box for DRT and it took me only 5 hours to get it finished and boxed up to go on to our final participant. I am thrilled with the way it turned out and, even though we are not going to win this round, it is an honor to get to knit the pattern.

Idget is doing so much better. Thank you to everyone who sent up prayers on his behalf. I think he is going to make a full recovery. He sure does love the DRT dishcloth. I had to promise to make him one of his own to get him to let it go long enough for me to put it in the box. Here is the pic. Hugs. JoyB

Friday, October 10, 2008

Baby Shower gift

Here is the hat I just finished for Patches new arrival. Her baby girl is due next month and the doctor's have already told her that it will need a series of surgeries after delivery, so the knitting group in Salem is making her gifts that will be given to her at a surprise shower tomorrow. I love this hat and will be making more of them. Have a great weekend. JoyB

Easy Cabled hat done...

Ok here is the pic of the finished hat. I love it and Angel has already claimed it as a snowboarding hat. LOL... it sure is thick and warm. hugs. JoyB

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm Crocheting...

Ok do I finally got thru the last lesson on crochet and am starting my openwork scarf. I am very happy with how quick and easy it is and it needs to be cause I got a pair of baby booties to get done by this Saturday!! Here is the pic. Hugs. JoyB

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Storage Solution

I recently kept hearing about storage problems with yarn and it has my head thinking, I may just need to go there some time really soon. LOl But in the meantime I did get an idea for a storage unit for the chicklets school stuff. I love it and got the three main bookcases at Ikea for less than 60 dollars apiece. It serves as a place by my backdoor where we can organize things for the girls for school and also for mailing and delivery. Here is the pic. JoyB

Monday, October 6, 2008

Prayers for Idget

As many of you know, Our precious baby Idget ( or Idgie as we call him) was hit by a car on Saturday and no one stopped. The girls brought the kitten in to tell me it was bleeding and we rushed it to the vet. Long story short. It has a possible skull fracture, a serious concussion and mulitple other injuries. The fabulous people at the Carlton Vet Clinic came in to see him and took care of him for the first night and most of the next day. I got him home last night and he seems to be doing ok. He is eating and drinking but is still in some pain and leaning either right or left depending on his movements. He tends to want to fall off things so I have been spending most of my days on the bed with him knitting and petting him. He is still active enought to want to steal or eat my yarn as it moves past his field of vision towards my needles. LOL. Here is the first pic of him at home. Hugs. JoyB

Finally gettin caught up on KALs

Here are pics of the two latest Dishcloth KALs we did on Shirley's group. I hope to have pics of the placemats etc from our Kitchen KAL soon. The first pic is a teapot designed by Lisa of DigknittyDesigns and the second was a wonderful ghost done just in time for Halloween by our own Amy_Lynne of Froggiez Place. Enjoy. JoyB

Guess who came to visit..

Yep it is my adorable Grandson, Jacob. Mom brought him by between downpours and he needed a coat so I went and got him a coat and 2 pairs of pajamas. He was not happy that he could not find Gramma's yarn to play in so he settled for a rerun of Sponge BOB LOL Here is the pic.. JoyB

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Starting To Look Like A Hat..

OK so many of you have been asking what I am currently working on so I thought I would share my latest. Here it is... The Simple Cabled Hat. This is the pattern that Kim suggested we do and we worked on during our last visit. I am loving the way it is turning out but I must say that I would do the next one in a single strand of bulky yarn instead of the double strands of worsted weight that I chose. The twists on the cables are murder to knit but I will not give up LOL!!! Hugs, JoyB