Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trip to Kim's

So yesterday was a blast. I got to go with Jason to Eugene to visit our friends Kim and Scott. We were working on a cabled hat that Shirley's group is doing as a Knit A Long and share some serious chatting and giggling with Kim while Jason ran off for a Deep Tissue massage and Scott was at work. Scott did make it back in time to spend some time with us before we had to depart and as usual it was great to see both of them. Here are just a few of the pics we took of our visit. Notice that I have the piece of cake in my hands as I am leaving for Mary's place. And YES it was hard but I didn't eat it before I gave it to Mary. The pumpkin cake Kim made was to die for. YUMMO. Thanks Kim for the cake and the friendship. Hope to see you again really soon. JoyB

I am Dead!! LOL

Well It is official. I got my death hat in the mail late last night upon my return from Kim's house and it is gorgeous. I have befriended my Assassin and hope to stay in contact with her. As luck would have it, she has a daughter who lives in Maui where we are planning to go for a week next month! She is a wealth of information about the area and I am so grateful as we have never been there before and want to be sure that we are seeing and doing all the really " must see" stuff while we are there. Thank you so much to Cathy for the lovely death and the beautiful hat. Hugs. JoyB

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hat Attack weapon done!!!

I am so excited I can hardly sit still. I just completed my first hat as part of the Hat Attack competition and I struggled with this one. It was no walk in the park but I got it done and I am so thrilled with the way it turned out!! It is off in the mail tomorrow to my victim and, according to my assassin, I should have mine in a day or two so this may be my only " Kill" with this hat but I am just so jazzed to have done a hat and had it turn out so well. Here is the pic. Thanks to Kim for telling me to scan it as I have no camera available and I am too dumb to think to look at the scanner sitting to my left DUH!! Love you Kim. See you on Monday. Hugs, JoyB

Friday, September 19, 2008

I am gonna regret this... LOL

OK I just started back to Weight Watchers and I had to show you why. This is me at my heaviest, a whopping 237 pounds. I have since lost almost 40 pounds but I am not quite where I want to be yet. I have set a goal weight of 150 and know I can do it. I love this program. OK here are the pics. Hugs. JoyB

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hot Off The Needles

Here is the finished Witch's Hat KAL we just completed on Shirley's group. This was designed by Lisa from Digknitty Designs. I am not a big fan of Halloween but I am a big fan of Lisa's!!! This turned out wonderful. Go take a look at Lisa's other wonderful designs.
Hugs. JoyB

Monday, September 8, 2008

Shirley's Make Up Bag

Our dear leader Shirley, (Shirley's Knitting Knook), posted a pattern for a make up bag and I thought I would like to tackle this one so I did it up in seed stitch instead of garter and added the pin that my awesome friend Kim had made for me. I just need to get a button and I can use it. Thank you so much Shirley and prayers going up for your granddaughter, Chante. I do so pray that she is all better soon. Anyone interested in lifting up this precious child to the Lord for healing is strongly encouraged to do so. JoyB

More Dishcloths

I have gotten behind in my posting of the dishcloths I have been knitting over the summer and many of then just needed to have the ends woven in so I got on it and here are the pics. I love these Dc's. So much fun to make and the set of three of these is going to a dear friend as part of her birthday gift. I know that she will love them!!! JoyB

Fun Upstairs!!

God is so good. I thought I had lost all of the photos of Jaocb and Jason with my dd, Sara Joy, yesterday when I hit the wrong button and deleted all my photos but my camera has an amazing feature that will retrieve deleted phots and here are a few of them for your viewing pleasure. Hugs. JoyB

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Some things never change!! LOL

As I was going thru some of mom's stuff, I noticed several photo albums that dad wanted me to have. As I opened the albums, these three pictures hit me right in the face LOL. I guess some things never change. I still love to talk on the phone. Hugs. JoyB