Monday, September 8, 2008

Shirley's Make Up Bag

Our dear leader Shirley, (Shirley's Knitting Knook), posted a pattern for a make up bag and I thought I would like to tackle this one so I did it up in seed stitch instead of garter and added the pin that my awesome friend Kim had made for me. I just need to get a button and I can use it. Thank you so much Shirley and prayers going up for your granddaughter, Chante. I do so pray that she is all better soon. Anyone interested in lifting up this precious child to the Lord for healing is strongly encouraged to do so. JoyB


Lil Knitter said...

I love your bag!! I love that flower!!! You did an awesome job, girlfriend!
Thanks so much for your really means a lot to Shirl. She is so touched by all the love and support from everyone.

kadezmom said...

Joy - your bag looks great! So do the dishcloths and your fun fun FUN-loving family. I bet you wouldhave been crushed if delete had happened.

After replying a bunch on whoduknit, I thought I'd follow your nicely placed blog link and leave you a message here!

I forgot what yarn and beads you've decided you don't like. What are you waiting for in the mail? If you can make use of the spare beads I have here, let me know!

GrandKay said...

I love the makeup would I go about getting the pattern? Thanks, Kay

JoyB said...

The makeup bag pattern is a free design done by Shirley Smith for her yahoo group, ShirleysKnitting Knook. Come check us out. We have some amazing designs coming up on Saturday for all kinds if kitchen knitted items. I can't wait to start!! hugs, JoyB

JoyB said...

Kadezmom. Thanks for posting a comment. It is one of the ways I know someone besides me reads all this stuff... LOL
I decided against my color combo for the MST4 as I was using Mango lace weight yarn and turquise beads. Not my fav combo at all but it would be cute on the right person. I saw that someone had posted a pic of the KnitPicks yarn in a soft pink blush and I ordered enough for the shawl. I love their stuff!! I also got to and ordered some really gorgeous chocolate brown beads. I expect them in the mail any day now. The soft pink and the chocolate is my favorite combination and since I am making this for me to wear, I figured I might as well enjoy both making and wearing it LOL. Thanks for the offer on the beads. That was very kind. See you online.. JoyB