Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Webs contest !!

I try to post contests as I find them cause I just try to share the love and this one is fantastic. Pop on over to
and enter to win some fantastic prizes. Thanks to Patt for her post about it on her blog and good luck to everyone entered. Hurry over though cause it ends March 2nd. Hugs. JoyB

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sock yarn dyed

Well while I was waiting to go to the hospital I figured I would play with a skein of sock yarn. I love how it came out. It is all shades of berry from strawberry all the way to blackberry. So here is my skein of Mixed Berries. Enjoy, JoyB

Hold On Wendy..I got one more to knit..

Our dear friends Wendy and Joel are in the hospital tonite having their daughter. I am furiously knitting booties to give to them when she arrives. Here is a pic of the first completed bootie. These work up really quick and the pattern is so simple I completed the first one in just over 20 minutes. Okay back to the second bootie. Hold on Wendy LOL JoyB

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Vampire Swap

My package came today and to say I was thrilled with what I received would be a huge understatement. Here is the loot. I don't know if you can see the amazing stitch markers that my partner sent me but they are just .... WOW!! Thank you so much. Hope you were as spoiled as you made me feel. Hugs. JoyB

Water bottle Cozy done

So I just seamed up the cozy and here it is for your viewing pleasure. I am going to go put some hot water in this baby and warm up my feetsies. Hugs. JoyB

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cowl done and next pair of socks..

Ok so the cowl/headband is done and ready to mail. I love the blood red glittery yarn. Just perfect for this swap. I also got some new sock yarn a few weeks ago at JoAnn's and I am making my next pair of socks from the directions on the inside of the ball band and I love how they are turning out. I have put the second of my first pair on hold as I lost the instructions for the sock and I can get more but these had the handwritten changes I had made to the first one . I may just have to use the first sock as a pattern and go from there but in the meantime.... Here are pics of the cowl and the second pair of socks in progress. Hugs. JoyB

My Part of the Deal

So after many calls and failed attempts to get Jason just the right new truck we finally got one. After he had everything that he wanted and the dealership got what they wanted, I told the salesman that I had done all the work and that I had one demand. I wanted the huge blow up monkey for my grandson. Yes of course he thought I was nuts but he was not going to let a car deal fall thru over a monkey so guess what Jacob has now!! Yep One huge blow up monkey LOL. You should have seen us driving home with it in the back of my car between Jon and Angel. This thing is huge. Hugs. JoyB

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine's Swap 1

Okay so I was just to swap Valentine's cards in one of my groups but I got to JoAnn's and wanted to do something a bit more fun so I got some foam and am going to be sending these magnets along with the cards and a few other goodies. Aren't they adorable?? JoyB