Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Part of the Deal

So after many calls and failed attempts to get Jason just the right new truck we finally got one. After he had everything that he wanted and the dealership got what they wanted, I told the salesman that I had done all the work and that I had one demand. I wanted the huge blow up monkey for my grandson. Yes of course he thought I was nuts but he was not going to let a car deal fall thru over a monkey so guess what Jacob has now!! Yep One huge blow up monkey LOL. You should have seen us driving home with it in the back of my car between Jon and Angel. This thing is huge. Hugs. JoyB

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westie-mom said...

that is funny cuz when you bought our trailer 9.5 years ago in the other one than what we bought had a pix of a pickup in the field and we said we wanted it in the deal and we WERE ready to walk out on the deal...needless to say we have the pix! Let's stick to our guns for what we want!