Monday, April 28, 2008


OK many of you know my dear friend Susan. She is quite an enabler LOL. Today she sent a pattern to Rachel's list for a really cute bookmark and of course I could not do anything else til I had it started. I am halfway done with it and wanted to post a pic. It is done in Fleece Artist Sea Wool in the Sorbetto colorway on size 6 needles. I can't wait to finish it and may get it done when Jacob takes a nap. As some of you know he was really sick yesterday but is doing so much better today. Thanks one and all for the many prayers he received. He will be with me til tuesday night and I am thinking this gramma time is good for the both of us.. Hugs from Jacob and his lucky gramma. JoyB

Monday, April 21, 2008

We've got Bubbles

Today I started and finished Bubbles the fish. This amazing pattern by Susan Mrenna was just what the doctor ordered for my blues today. I did him in fiesta ombre and he is just adorable. Enjoy... JOyB

Snow On the Sand!!!

We spent another weekend at the Oregon Coast. It was a wonderful time and I got alot of knitting done. The hot tub was fabulous!!!We had to get back to town early as I was to watch Jacob and Sara needed me to be here by 8:30 am so she was not late to work. Imagine my surprise when we awoke to snow on the beach !! The was quite a bit of snow in the pass back to home but Jason drove and all was well. I am sharing pics of the beach snow, my blue Camry parked right beside another one that was the same year and color LOL, and several dishcloths that I just recently finished. The blue ones are going home with Sara for her new apartment . I am sure she will love them. Hugs. JoyB

Monday, April 14, 2008

And Now there are Two!!

So I stayed up all night last night to finish the back of my first sweater and TADA.. Here it is along with a pic of my latest dishcloth finished in a KAL. Hope you like them. Hugs. JoyB

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Progress Report

I can't thank Kim enough for reminding me to get back on my sweater. The weather here is still wet and cold but it is slowly becoming spring and if I do not get my sweater done shortly, I will not be able to wear it til next year. So thanks a million Kim. Here is a pic of the front of the sweater finished and the progress I have made on my Oregon Tote Bag. Hugs, JoyB

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ok I didn't get lost or anything. I have been doing alot of traveling. I went to the Oregon Coast for 5 days and the day we got back, I had to turn around and take our houseguest home to Sisters and then spent the night in Bend. Would have liked to have stayed longer but it was getting nasty in the pass and we could not afford to stay for a week LOL

I went to 4 yarn shops, 3 of them were amazing. Of course I got more yarn. LOL. Here are some pics of things I have been working on or recently finished and of course a pic of the view of the ocean from our room in Lincoln City.. Hugs. JoyB

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Did you see this??

This is a cake I saw someone on Ravelry had posted a link to . I guess it was from an Ace of Cakes episode that aired March 20th and I am hoping they repeat it, as I wanna see them make it. No recipe or directions but you just had to see this cake!! I WANT ONE!! JoyB