Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finally.. Dishcloths

Ok I have been getting some knitting done with all this traveling and having fun. Here are pics of several of the cloths I have completed. Hugs, JoyB


grace said...

those are cool!! nice to see you blowing the dust of your poor blog :)



Anita said...

found your blog through Rachel's knitting Room - My daughter saw this Tweety dishcloth while I was looking at your blog and went crazy! She is a HUGE Tweety fan... can you tell me where you got the pattern? Thanks!
(PS - the tubing looks like fun!)

JoyB said...

The tweety dishcloth is one of Alli Barrett's designs. it is

JoyB said...

Sorry that should be She has alot of great stuff. The link to her blog is in my right hand side bar. Hugs. JoyB

Anita said...