Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yes, they will be socks

Okay here are two pics of the Charades just before I head off to bed. My stomache is causing me fits again, ARGH!! Anybody got a spare tummy?? Hugs. JoyB


Anonymous said...

very prety loveeeeeeeeeee the color

Patt said...

Pretty pretty socks they will be for sure.
Hey give me a call, can't wait to see ya.
Oh I have something for you on my blog, go look.

Patt said...

I saw these socks in person today and they are gorgeous! I tell you Joy you are a knitting master!!!
Hugs Patt

Joyce said...

Joy, those socks are great! The color is so pretty, and the pattern fits it just right. I like yours better than the ones in the pictures on Ravelry. I hope you're feeling better soon.