Thursday, April 9, 2009

Texas Trip Day 1

Left McMinnville Oregon on March 21st at 4pm. First stop Vallejo California to see my dear friend Patt M who spoiled both the girls and I rotten with her creative little clay stitch markers and other nifty things. Thanks so very much Patt. I do so hope we can get together again really soon.
Jason behind the wheel, trailer parked at Vallejo Rv Park, Office of RV park ( thought I woke up in Mexico LOL),Cheyenne with her dog, Sierra waving from backseat of truck, Patt and I at her place, Patt with her lovely grand daughter ( what a sweetie) and then Jason getting drinks at the gas station and we are off on the next leg of our journey. Hugs. JoyB


Patt said...

it was wonderful having you and your family visit me. I really enjoyed it. You spoilled me too with the magazine and sock yarn don't forget!!
In all the internet friends that I've had come visit me, you are the first to come me something. That was super sweet!!!

Patt said...

I meant to say you are the first one to come visit and bring me something. lol