Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wanna Play Charades??

Well I had to frog my Marlene's which took many tears and an entire day of grieving but I promise to get back to them soon. I love love love that pattern. In the mean time I got my "Bruised" yarn for Sarah at Perfect Day Yarns and I am so thrilled with it. I also got a skein of "I Bite" which I plan to use very soon. One of the gals on Ravelry ( LaLa) at the Loopy Ewe group mentioned that she really likes the Charade socks and I was not impressed with the yarns they used but I went ahead and cast them on in this Bruised colorway and they are fast and fantastic. Here is my update on the progress on my socks. Remember I have only cast these on in the last 24 hours and have had little time to work on them. Hugs. JoyB

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Ana said...

They look fantastic. Sorry your Marlene's had to visit the frog pond.