Saturday, February 2, 2008

A New Quilter is Born

So today I taught my dd, Sara's, roommate to quilt. I did not realize that she had never even touched a sewing machine before but she picked it right up and off she ran with it ( The quilting process not my machine LOL). It turned out that she had follwoed my advise on fabric selection and the Disappearing 9 patch was the perfect pattern for her to start with. We did break a needle ( my fault the foot was loose and the needle hit it) and we did a bit of frog stitching to correct a strip sewn on backwards but she did finish all of her blocks and is anxious to sew them into rows and actually have her very own quilt to snuggle with . Here are the pics of both our newest quilt addict ( Jana) and my dd, Sara at the machine. Until next time. JoyB

1 comment:

JoyB said...

Who is that really cute girl next to your dd... oh, wait, that's my roomate! ...and she said she couldn't sew. lol.