Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crochet ???

On one of my knitting sites, the owner posts a list of freebies every day and they include some crochet patterns as well as knitting. Usually I don't look at them as I never have crocheted a day in my life and have my hands full with all the other crafty stuff I am working on. Today I saw it was for a Spiral scrubby that sounded neat so "what the hey" I took a look. Know I am wanting to do one and I have this great blue, green, white Peaches and Creme yarn that I got last night and so I began. OK problem LOL I think I must be doing it wrong as mine looks nothing like the picture. So the SOS went out to the group and I am hoping for some help. Here are the pics so far. JoyB

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grace said...

okay .. if that's a pot scrubby .. you just have to share that with me :D .. I keep forgetting to pick one up and I'm sure I can find my crochet hooks - they should be with my knitting needles ;)