Thursday, February 7, 2008

My new adventure

So as I was coming home from my beach retreat I stopped at my favorite quilt shop and they were giving up the business and I asked about buying it. The current owners, Chris and Randy, were thrilled with the idea and now I am taking the steps to get the funding to actually make this dream a reality. I have appts. tomorrow at both the bank and the local credit union to see about a small business loan and I have also approached the owners to see if they are in a position to finance the sale with a reasonable down payment and a competitive interest rate. I hope to know more by tomorrow. Say a prayer for God's will in this endeavor, as I want it to glorify Him and give me some peace since the passing of my mom in Feb.

The current owners of the shop have a wonderful selection of fabrics all really well displayed with shop samples and lots of inspiration. The decor couldn't be any better and the building it is located in is quaint and historic. The location is right on HWY 101 on the Oregon coast and they get year round business, which I know is rare for a quilt shop of this size. They have an established online shop which has only been minimal and still quite financially sound. I hope to expand the business by offering retreats, classes and a larger selection of stuff on the web. I am so excited about owning and operating a quilt shop!! I am including some pics of the shop and the wonderful displays . Enjoy.. JoyB

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Tamara said...

Oh I sure hope everything will work out. Then those from the GBC can come join you for a retreat.