Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What day is this ??? LOL

OK so today I knew I had to get something quilty done and I put the final borders on my Rant quilt . I really like the way it turned out and am looking forward to quilting this one for Sara. The day after I left the quilt shop the phone message, they called back and apologized for the shortage of fabric ( I didn't go into the directions mess) and they sent me another 5 1/2 inch strip of the larger border fabric. I have received my Feb kit and will try to see if that one is any better and I am hoping that it is as I would love to do these every month. The Feb one is called Carmels and Roses and I like the fabrics a whole lot and the pattern is really cute. If I can get thru it, I may use this pattern over and over again for myself and for gifts.

I also raised the top of my Aerogarden again today to the last setting and noticed it had blossoms on it !! I pollinated it by hand today which I am supposed to do now every other day and am looking forward to cherry tomotoes. Here are the pics. JoyB

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Lisascraftroom said...

Not sure how to e-mail you! You had asked on my blog about the yarn I used for my purse. I used normal red heart. Now origional pattern asked for homespun yarn but, at the time I didn't have that.So feel free to play with any yarn you have for the purse. Feel free to e-mail me if you want the loom knitted pattern. It was free and so I can send it to you.