Saturday, February 16, 2008

Next two projects~~ quilty

I just got a package from a gal I buy from on eBay. Lovely Civil War Era Fq's. I have nine of them so what to do? I got a link to a blog on my site that has a stashbuster quilt that will be just perfect for these!! I am really looking forward to doing this one. May have to do several if it is as easy and quick as it seems.

Next I have started on my Starstruck quilt and I have all the cutting done and am working on sewing the strips together. This one has a ton of little pieces in it but after looking at the directions,. I realized the entire quilt is strip cut and chain pieced. Should go together fast and I love the result. Annyway here are my pics for my two newest projects all over the place LOL Notice Mercy has to check out the strips as I sewed them LOL JoyB

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Darlene said...

Hi - thanks so much for visiting my blog. I couldn't respond to your comment because you're set up for 'no reply'. Here are the yardage amounts for the House Call (aka log cabin) pattern
3/4 yard for inner border
2 1/2 yards for center square, outer border and binding
4 yards for backing