Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quilt Block Completed

Well I woke up to snow and my day just got worse from there. I looked at my sock and realized I am going to have to tear it out as somehow I got the knitting reversed and even though it looks kewl.. I have no idea how I did it so I could not replicate it on the second sock AARRGGHH!!

So I decided to sit down and do Pat's BOM for March and I love how it turned out. Here is the pic.. JoyB


TheAngelForever said...

Sorry to hear about your sock. The quilt looks gorgeous. I am so jealous of your talent!

The Angel Forever

Stephanie Pettengell said...

Not to worry, my first sock didn't go right and I had to undo it. It will be fine, your block is great.

Lisa said...

Just in case -- when you say you got your knitting reversed, do you mean that the wrong side is on the outside? I'm asking because I've seen people get their socks turned inside out on the needles and think they need to rip them out, when all they really need to do is flip them right side out.