Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Holy Cow!!!! I am making socks!!

Ok I promised myself that I would start on my very first socks tonite before midnoc and here I am at 12:01 posting a pic of my cast on. I am in love with this yarn and going to find many excuses to buy more. LOL

It is Apple Laine Apple Pie in Wild Thing ( of course LOL). The pattern is Just ribbing and it was free on the net. It looked fairly simple and that is my middle name ( ok it is really Sharyn but... )

Here is my cast on for my very first absolutely paranoid attempt at making socks.. Hope you like my pic. More to follow as my sock progresses. JoyB


Amy the knittin fool said...

Good goin! Keep up the great work! You're a step a head of me!

Elle said...

Good luck with the socks. I'm sure you'll do just great with them and with practice you'll be churning them out at super speed :)

Jane said...

Was that Hezekiah 4: 1 where we read about the Holy Cow?