Sunday, March 16, 2008

quilt top done..

Here is a pic of the Stashbuster Quilt I just put together today. I got the 9 Fat Quarters from a wonderful eBay seller that I have known for while online. This pattern popped up right after I received them and called for 9 FQ's. It was perfect in the muted Civil War fabrics that I got. I am sending her a pic so she can see what was done with them. Enjoy~~ JOyB


RV Quilter said...

Hi Joy,
Can you tell me where to find those types of stash buster quilt patterns? I have yellow brick road but haven't been able to find other.

Thanks, Joy A.

Jane said...

This one seems to be doing the rounds. Saw one today done in 16 fats and in oriental fabrics.
I am aiming to do one with a music theme ...when I finish some more stuff.