Friday, March 14, 2008

Lots O Pics!!

Well I finally got my camera and my memory card back and I am posting those pics I promised!! Lot of Dishcloths to show you. I got Housework Sucks done and then Roll Back the Stone,Louie the Lobster, I Love to Knit and the DW dishcloth (which is my first that is not just knit and purl stitches).. Here ya go. Tomorrow I should have both my first afghan and my first slippers to show you. How fun!!! JoyB


TheAngelForever said...

Great cloths! I am quite particular to the DW cloths lately. I just keep making them and putting them away for gifts. Thanks for sharing your photos.

The Angel Forever

Mary said...

How fun! I'm having the best time knitting dishcloths myself these days!