Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday and Tired...

Ok sew what did I do today? Well I slept alot which I needed after the retreat last weekend but then after I forced myself to get up and moving there was no stopping me LOL. I went to the site for the Quilt A Long and week 11 was posted so I did that and then I decided that instead of banging my head on the floor trying to decide what to use to make my stars quilt bigger, I would just make the original black borders 6 inches instead of the 3 1/4 the pattern called for and BINGO.. It works. YEAH!! So here are my pics for my week 11 block, the quilt so far and the stars quilt with the wide black border ( not yet sewn on).

I also got my yarn from Lion Brand today so I will be working on my afghan tomorrow after I finish sewing my star borders on. Pics to follow. Hugs, JoyB


Artsy Momma said...

Hi JoyB!

Sorry I havent gotten back to you right away you had asked me about a yarn I had posted on my blog, here is the website

the color scheme I was using was Rose Garden.

JoyB said...

Thanks for the yarn info. I love those colors. I am just a knitting newbie but your blog has really inspired me. Hugs. JoyB