Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jacob's first Halloween quilt

Many of you know that I love Lobster. So for Jacob's first Halloween, I got him a Lobster costume and warned him not to get near any strangers with melted butter LOL. I took a picture of him in it and transfered it onto fabric and then put a row of appliqued lobsters around the outside. I am going to finish it with a black border and I plan to quilt it in Feb with a stack of other quilt tops that are ready to go on my machine. I met a gal at the retreat that is as crazy about lobster as I am and promised to post this so she could see it. Enjoy~~ Joyb


Diane said...

This is such a cute idea and the quilt is so fun. Love the pic of his little face poking out of the lobster costume!!

Tamara said...

Oh what a darling picture. And oh my how it turned into such a great quilt.

Sandra ;) said...

Adorable little lobster he is!! LOLOL what a cutie :)

You've probably seen this pattern, but just in case you haven't, there's a Maine lobster @

Sandra :)