Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just raised the lights !!!

Those of you who I chatted with at Christmas time, know that I bought my daughter, Sara, an Aerogarden for Christmas. Well when I called to order it, I found out that I could get a second one for myself at a very reasonable price.. SO I DID>> LOL

Anyway, it has been fun babying it and watching my cherry tomatoes grow. We even went thru a scare on week 3 and I thought that I was going to lose them all BUT we made it just fine and, with the help of some great advice from my Aerogarden group, I just had to raise the light canopy on my little friends as the have grown too tall for the original setting. So here is a pic of my "crop" at week 5 very healthy and happy. LOL TTYS, JoyB

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