Friday, November 6, 2009

Introducing Johnson

Since I have been back in Montana, I have gotten behind on updating my blog again and many of you have asked to see my new Min-Pin puppy, Johnson. So here he is. Such a sweetie. Hugs. JoyB


Yvette said...

Oh what a little darling - hasn't he got a "miffed" expression on his face though! What kind of dog is a Min Pin?


Yvette in OZtralia

Patt said...

Oh JOy I love your little mini pin!! He is soooo cute. He looks sort of like my Baby.
Hugs Patt

Anonymous said...

love the pic... can't wait to see more. MinPins are sooo cute. When I move if I am allowed a small dog I shall be trying my darnedest to get one. I know it will be a while before I can have my large dogs again.

Anonymous said...

I soooooo want one!!!! :-)

maureen said...

What a cutie, We have a MIn=Pin/ Boston Terrier cross. Looks like a brindle coloured min-pin.
Lovely quiet little dog- not yappy, but absolutely relentless and determined in her quest for prey
- bugs, birds, mice, baby bunnies, big dogs - you get the picture. You haven't really lived until you've fought your 15lb. dog for a newly deceased bunny.
Enjoy your new puppy.
We live in Manitoba, so Sam needs pure wool coats of course for the winter, lovingly knitted by moi- her devoted minion.