Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bad camera

Ok I couldn't wait anymore and had to share some pics but please excuse the fact that the pics are awful. I had to tape together an old camera to get these but since I wanted to take pics of the things I finished for my swaps and the snow we are getting, this will have to do. Hugs. JoyB


Anonymous said...

egads SNOW!!!!!!!! keep the crap .. we've enough here .. i can ship it to you .. ;)

love the knitties ..

didja use packing tape or duct tape??



Patt said...

HOw smart you are Joy, I was getting withdrawals from no pics from you for so long!! Did Santa bring you a new camera for Christmas? I hope so.
Hugs Patt

JoyB said...

No No new camera but I am supposed to be getting mine fixed on the 5th so I can't wait. I feel lost without it. Hugs. joyB