Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Jacob!!

Today my only grandbaby turned two and after the kids all wore themselves out at Safari Sam's, they came back to my house to open presents and have a BBQ and cake. It was a great day and I think Jacob was overhelmed with all the presents he recieved. I know Sara was grateful. Ok here are some pics of the family, Jacob and friends. The older man in some of the photos is my dad, Jack. I would ask all of you to stop right now and ask God for his salvation. Thank you so much from the bottom, top and middle of my heart! Hugs. JoyB


susanmark said...

HI Joy,

I prayed for your Dad's salvation. Please will you pray for my dh's salvation?

Thank you and HUGS

PS His name's Emerson, but I call him Em.

Carola said...

Hi Joy, I'm dropping in just to ask that you contact me regarding the BBQ Swap on Ravelry. I haven't seen you around for a while. I sent an email to everyone the other day. I hope I have the rigth email addy for you.

Shirl said...

Something special waits for you on my blog.

JoyB said...

Susan. I could have fallen over when I read your post about prayer for your dh. I am praying for salvation for him daily. I just couldn't believe his name is Emerson. That is my dad's middle name!!!! The one I am asking for prayer for!!!! I had never even heard the name except for his and wow>> Will will get these guys to heaven together. Hugs. JoyB